I have raised concerns that the Minister for Education is not hearing the concerns for the two largest National Organisations who represent 340,000 parents / guardians.
“The Catholic Secondary Schools Parents Association (CSSPA) and the Education Training Boards National Parents Association (ETBsNPA) have not been consulted”.
“There are 726 Post Primary Schools in Ireland and these two organisations represent 612 of these schools but they are not being consulted”.
“This is a glaring omission on behalf of the Minister despite her claims that she is listening to the concerns of parents and guardians”.
“I support the call by both organisations for the Minister to engage in a meaningful way with all parents’ associations as a matter of urgency”.
“Students and parents have had a particularly difficult time and especially in relation to exams and home schooling”.
“Parents and guardians are there to find solutions and the actions of the Minister has excluded the majority of parents / guardians and their representatives right across the country including Galway East”.
“In Tuam for instance there are 4 secondary schools represented by CSSPA and ETBsNPA but their voices are not being heard”.