I have received confirmation that almost 55,000 adults are currently on the waiting list on the Outpatients Galway University Hospital.
There are in excess of 19,000 of these people on these waiting list longer than 18 months
“It is a growing list and there seems to be no help or support coming from Government. Nationally there are almost 1 million patients on hospital waiting lists which is a stark reminder of how much the Health Service is under pressure. We need to immediately make decisions to take the pressure away from the hospitals”.
The availability of diagnostic centres for x-rays and ultrasounds need to be established immediately in the Primary Care Centre in Tuam. There can be no further delays.
“I am also calling for immediate decisions to put in a Minor Injuries Unit in place in Galway to alleviate pressure on UHG”.
“It is imperative that the resources are put in place to maximise the use of diagnostic equipment in hospitals as a matter of urgency. We need to be able to use this equipment full throttle on a 24/7 basis rather than on a 40-hour week basis”.
This will require additional staff and resources, but this is a standout initiative to maximise the use of equipment and help reduce waiting time.