I have been contacted by Galway Parkinson’s and they confirm that people living with Parkinson’s disease have been experiencing mental health challenges and loss of health services since the COVID-19 pandemic began over a year ago.
“I am concerned the Galway Parkinson’s Association have confirmed that calls to their helpline has doubled because so many medical appointments have been cancelled”.
“April 6th – 11th is Parkinson’s Awareness week and the Galway Association will be reaching out to its member providing online yoga classes, signing, strategies for dealing with low mood and giving advice on dietary plans”.
“It is vital that we make plans to assist people with Parkinson’s as we exit the lockdown over the coming months”.
“There is need for more clinics for Parkinson’s, more Parkinson’s disease specialist nurses nationwide and greater access to a multi-disciplinary team for people with Parkinson’s”.