The people in rural areas are living in fear for their safety and that of their families as they continue to experience the fact that houses in rural areas are being robbed and farmers and homeowners are fearful for their family’s safety and that of their stock and property.

I have been contacted by homeowners and farmers who have been robbed and they are so upset at the ease by which these robberies occur and the lack of success in apprehending the culprits.

Another common occurrence is the fact that there is a worrying increase in people trespassing and general intimidation on farmers own land and this is a major concern.

Encountering trespassers on your farm be they hunters with dogs or there for other reasons unbeknown to you can be a very traumatic event, particularly if abusive language, intimidation, or physical aggression is meted out by these unwelcome parties. Trespassing is a serious offence and providing the resources necessary to allow people feel safe in and on their own property needs to be a priority.

Loss of livestock through theft is also a major issue. Cattle and sheep out on grass are very vulnerable despite all the precautions taken by farmers. A concerted effort is needed to track down where these animals are ending up and putting a stop to it.

Enforcement of the law in this country needs to take priority to ensure there is respect for our citizens and property.