I have asked Government to review the Affordable Housing Scheme as it is not working in areas of the country where the density levels cannot be achieved.

“The amount of equity being put forward under the scheme is not sufficient in areas such as Tuam and Ballinasloe and is leaving many first-time house buyers in these towns without a scheme and a chance of a home.

I understand the Galway County Council cannot design an Affordable Housing scheme within the rules as set out by the Department for Tuam, Ballinasloe, Athenry, Gort or Loughrea and for many of the villages in rural areas.

This policy as it exists is not supporting the building of housing in the regions but instead the Scheme is driving people into high density developments in our cities and growth centres adjacent to these cities.

The private housing market is non-existent, housing is not available to people who want to purchase a first-time home, people who are working and contributing to the exchequer with their taxes and who are not relying on the state for social housing.

The Affordable housing scheme as it exists is not fit for purpose and needs to be amended to bring affordable housing to every town and village, otherwise we will not achieve the desired outcome of delivering affordable houses for first time buyers”.