I welcome the Beef Finisher Schemes which is a positive initiative for farmers at a crucial time.
The Scheme is set to deliver at least €100 per animal slaughtered between 1st February and the 12th June 2020, subject to a cap of 100 animals.
The scheme will also have the effect of delivering money to farmers who sold animals in the mart and are subsequently slaughtered within 30 days.
There is no de-stocking clause in the scheme.
Farmers to qualify will have to either be a member of the Quality Assurance Scheme or else be committed to join before the 30th September.
‘I welcome the exclusion of factory owned animals from the scheme. This is a scheme to support farmers not meat factories.
‘Beef farmers need to improve their income following very poor income of the last number of years. This Scheme is a commitment to and recognition of the falling incomes’