I have received confirmation from Minister of State for OPW and Flood Relief Kevin ‘Boxer’ Moran that OPW will consider favourably any application from Galway County Council for funding to provide flood gates for properties in Kinvara village under the minor works scheme.
‘Kinvara is a unique situation and this solution could bring relief because of the levels of the houses and the proximity to the sea. Such a solution may not be viable in other locations.
‘Following my visit to Kinvara with the Minister and following discussions with him since that visit, I have received confirmation from the Minister of State that we can find a low cost solution to protect homes in Kinvara village from tidal flooding. The solution is to provide floodgates at the front doors of the properties to keep waters out during flooding episodes.
‘This measure could be achieved through a minor works application by Galway County Council for flood protection gates for the properties damaged in the recent storm Eleanor.
‘The minor works scheme is there to provide money for quick solutions for properties and the changes that I introduced to the cost benefit analysis for the minor works scheme means that this project will now be viable under that scheme.
‘In Kinvara this could bring relief to property owners who found that floodwater entered their property quite quickly and was gone in a matter of hours, but left behind significant damage to their homes.
‘I would like to thank Minister ‘Boxer’ Moran for taking the time to meet and hear the concerns of the affected home owners in Kinvara and welcome the swift outcome to our discussions.’