I am delighted that myself and Cllr Gabe Cronnelly have received confirmation that Galway County Council will open the new link road off the Athenry by-pass connecting Athenry Presentation College next week.
This is good news for Athenry and the Presentation College. The road through the IDA land will allow for safe access to the school and also eliminate traffic congestion at the Raheen Woods Hotel entrance.
Both myself and Cllr Gabe Che Cronnelly have worked tirelessly to get the road open to allow vital access to the school.
We thank Galway County Council for its efforts in getting the road open.
We also acknowledge the commitment and support of the IDA and the Department of Education and Skills to have the project completed.
We look forward to better traffic movement and free flow of traffic at this very busy location in Athenry.