Ireland West Airport Knock is to get a €5.7 million boost in Exchequer grants under the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport’s Regional Airports Programme.
This is a very welcome investment in our transport connectivity under Project Ireland 2040.
As chairperson of the Atlantic Economic Corridor (AEC) Task Force, I am delighted that this capital funding will be targeted at improving the quality of service provided at the airport.
I am also pleased to see investment of just over €2.2 million in Kerry Airport and nearly €900,000 in Donegal Airport, both of which bookend the AEC region and are crucial to it.
All three airports, along with Shannon, are vital to unlocking the potential of the AEC. It is essential that we have balanced development to secure growth and prosperity across the regions.
The investment in Ireland West includes €4.7 million for runway overlay, €849,986 for baggage screening, €90,000 for fire simulator and training upgrade, €49,500 for CCTV upgrade, €18,750 for a snow vehicle and €18,750 for an airport maintenance vehicle.
Ireland West saw a record number of 770,000 passengers in 2018 and expects to exceed that figure in 2019