I have expressed disappointment that rural Ireland is not being treated fairly when it comes to Carbon Tax. In this week’s Budget the Government have increased the cost of petrol and diesel from midnight last night.

“Rural Ireland does not enjoy the benefit of public transport and a car or two car families are a necessity in rural homes. There is no choice and with the failure of Government to provide a comprehensive school bus transport service or public transport system they are adding insult to injury by increasing the cost of running a car.
This same Carbon Tax will add to the cost of heating oil, coal, briquettes, and natural gas, all of which will add to the cost of heating homes at a time when the cost of fuel is at an all-time high.
Giving out once off payments and at the same time increasing the cost of fuels is an insult to people, and this decision is ill timed and should be deferred.
There is very little solace or new supports in the budget for farmers and the deferral of the Residential Zoned Land Tax is a concern as the Taoiseach gave a commitment in the Dail that this tax would not apply to functional farmland or R2 residential zoned land. I am calling on the Government to adhere to this commitment”.