Seán Canney TD has requested Irish Water to replace the defective watermains between Carheen’s and Caltra Cross. There have been numerous bursts in this stretch of watermain.

‘I understand that the issue relates to the main being laid on a bed of rock and the pipe fractures regularly’.

The burst main affects water supply in areas including Kilconly, Ratesh, Liss, Ballyfruit, Cloghanover, Keekill, Oakwood, Logawannia and Shrule.

The disruption of supply is not fair on consumers and is very stressful for families affected.

Irish Water need to grasp this issue and relay this section of watermains in order to deal with the problem long term.

‘The disruption to road users and the cost of the repairs is repetitive and is happening too often’.

For more information contact Deputy Canney on 086-2513639