I raised issues including insurance and the need to retain CE scheme participants aged over 55 when Pobal appeared before the Joint Committee on Rural and Community Development on Wednesday.
I raised the need for CE schemes to be able to insure participants who are carrying out works on public roads. ‘Difficulties around insurance are preventing local community groups carrying out a range of works in their local communities. I have experienced first hand projects that cannot proceed due to a lack of joined up thinking when it comes to insurance and liability. Community groups are left with no option but to abandon the projects,
I meet many scheme participants who come to my constituency clinics devastated as a result of having to leave the scheme due to the current rules. These same people have experience and knowledge which is then lost to the community. Theses people know full well that they will not get full employment due to their age and this is very demoralising.
Pobal accepted that problems exist in relation to both the age issue and insurance and the Pobal representative, Mr. Denis Leamy undertook to take the issue up with the Department of Rural and Community Development directly.
‘These issues need to be addressed to maximise the benefits that local communities can gain from CE schemes in their areas.’