I have called on the Government to honour their commitment to support the Post Office Network following a Private Members Motion sponsored by my Independent colleagues in the Dáil.
“The Post Office Network provides a core asset of national infrastructure through which to support local business during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. The Government must take the necessary action to secure the future of the Post Office Network”.
The Post Office Network faces large scale closures in 2021 unless the Government step in and provide a financial support package.
“The Public Service Obligation (PSO) would be in line with similar supports introduced in Post Office Networks in the UK, France, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Finland and Poland”.
“We need to support the Post Office Network which has seen a 25% reduction in transactions in 2020 composed to 2019”.
The Post Office delivers an annual social dividend to the country of between €334 and €776 million. It provides a significant spin off for local business and services.
“The Government need to ensure that the Post Office is supported, and their services expanded. The Government has committed to a review and they need to deliver”.