The cost of building a home is out of control.

“The biggest cost in the building of a house is tax, legal costs, development levies, waste, sewerage connection costs and ESB connection charges.

If Government are serious about the cost of building a house there are some quick steps that can be taken to reduce costs.

A VAT Refund Scheme to the first-time buyer would save 13.50% in the cost of a house. This would save a first-time buyer €36,000 on a €300,000 house.

Abolish the development levies paid to the Local Authorities and fund the Local Authorities directly from central exchequer funds. This would save first time purchasers up to €3,500.

Set a maximum fee for Irish Water for sewerage and water connection which again can be up to €20,000 per house. This is a penal charge and the Government need to cap this charge at a maximum of €1,500 for sewerage and €1,500 for water.

If Government are serious, they need to take appropriate action to arrest the biggest housing crisis facing our young people.

There is not point in criticising the President of Ireland who spoke about the crisis. It would be far better to reduce the costs that are within Government control.

Right now, anyone building a self-build home face costs in excess of €20,000 before they put a spade in the ground.

It is time for real decisive action by the Government”.