The delay in providing Day Care Service back into Loughrea is still not resolved.

Sr. Brendan’s Community Nursing Unit were delivering a fantastic service, but this service ceased during Covid. Unfortunately, it has not yet resumed.

“A HIQA report determined that the service can only be accommodated one day each week in the existing facility. This arrangement is not workable.

I along with Cllr. Geraldine Donohue have been campaigning to have a day service put in place for over a year now. It affects over 100 people from a large catchment around Loughrea.

The latest reply from the HSE does not have any definite date for the service to recommence on a 4 day a week basis. The HSE are still looking at the options but nothing is agreed yet.

It seems that the issue is not getting the attention it requires to restore a service to people who have relied on it for years.

I am calling on the HSE to finalise the interim arrangement as a matter of urgency”.