Legislation was passed at the end of last year to introduce a VAT Compensation Refund Scheme for charities.
It is aimed at refunding the proportion of VAT paid on goods or services that have been bought using private funds.
The first year of eligibility is for the calendar year 2018. The claims process via the Revenue Online Service is open with a submission deadline of June 30 2019.
I would encourage all charities to avail of the Refund Scheme as soon as possible in case there may be queries which could require a re-submission by the end of the month.
The scheme is capped at €5 million per year and will be reviewed after three years.
Further information on the scheme is available on the Revenue Commissioners’ website at the following links:

Queries about the VAT Compensation Scheme can also be made by calling Revenue’s Charities and Sports Exemptions Unit on 01-7383680.