Embrace FARM to Host Accident Support Group Meeting in Corralea Court Hotel, The Square, Tuam at 8 PM on Friday November 25 for bereaved families in the Galway, Mayo and Roscommon area.

Peter Gohery, the meeting facilitator from Eyrecourt, Co. Galway is a leading member of the IFA, an accident survivor himself and is also a Health & Safety consultant to the Agri and construction sectors.

He can be contacted at 087. 418-3620 or on email at [email protected] Light refreshments will be provided and full details are as follows:

This meeting is for bereaved families, survivors and witnesses of farm accidents. Embrace FARM hope to meet new families that they have not met yet.

The plan is to bring families together, to forge relationships with one another so that they in turn can provide support at local level.

The facilitator will let families know what services are available through other charity/support organisations, from the Agri industry and farm organisations.

Embrace Farm hope to establish from talking to families what advice and help they need most. Also what the organisation can do in an advocacy role at industry and government level.

These support meetings are informal and there will be personal accounts from people bereaved by a farm accident, survivor accounts and a professional bereavement counsellor will be available to discuss the impact of loss and trauma on bereaved families.

All participants will have the opportunity during these meetings to chat to others on a one to one basis, to connect with other bereaved families and to make new friends who can share their experiences during a very difficult period in their lives.

For further information or an interview please contact Brian or Norma Rohan founders of Embrace Farm. Tel: 085-7709966, Email: [email protected] or on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/embracefarmaccidents