This week, my Department, the Department of Rural and Community Development has published its five-year strategy for the community and voluntary sector.
The strategy details 11 goals and 43 associated actions aimed at providing supports to strengthen the community and voluntary sector’s participation in the development and implementation of public policy in all relevant areas.
This is an ambitious plan but we are determined to ensure that community and voluntary organisations are actively involved in future planning and development and that we also provide them with supports around specific goals and challenges like Climate Action and Brexit.
These organisations provide vital services and have an impact in so many diverse aspects of our lives, helping children, young people, older people, those with medical needs, those with disabilities and those who are vulnerable and isolated.
They also advocate around many important issues, such as the environment, social justice, poverty and minorities, while others promote engagement with sport, culture and the arts.
This strategy will bring all relevant Government Departments, State Agencies and Local Government together to work effectively with our local community and voluntary groups.
Greater collaboration is the only way forward and the exchange of knowledge between policy makers and those on the ground can only lead to better, more effective outcomes for our communities.
The strategy entitled “Sustainable, Inclusive and Empowered Communities: A five-year strategy to support the Community and Voluntary sector in Ireland” was produced in collaboration with representatives from the sector.
It was launched by Minister Canney’s colleague, the Minister for Rural and Community Development Michael Ring TD.
More details about the strategy can be found at: