Thanks to Brexit, we are now experiencing a record number of passport applications.
I am advising everyone to get their applications in early to avoid any last minute stress.
The passport application process has been streamlined but it is experiencing unprecedented demand.
No less than 112,000 people applied for a passport in March alone, the highest ever number for a single month. A third of the applications came from Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
The most common problem for families are children’s passports that are out of date. Some people end up spending thousands of euro having to rebook flights because of late applications.
I am urging everyone to check their passports well in advance of the travel date and to bear in mind the timelines around the application process.
A first-time paper application currently takes 19 working days to process, while online renewals can be processed in 10 days.
If you know anyone applying from Great Britain for the first time, it can take up to 65 days.
In all cases, I would strongly advise everyone not to leave any applications to the last minute.