The Government need to build trust with farmers where land is designated for up to 26 years and have received very little support.

“I along with fellow TD’s Denis Naughten and Carol Nolan recently met with Minister Malcolm Noonan and the IFA project team for Designation to try to instil a sense of urgency and commitment to put a long-term model in place.

The Minister expressed the view that permanent funding is required and confirmed that he is working towards this.

It is expected that a permanent funding model will be in place within 2 years.

The IFA representatives Pat Murphy Chair of the Project Team and Charlie Killeen a long-time campaigner expressed concern that there were 2 agreements already in place, but they were never honoured.

In conclusion the Minister vowed to work with farmers and welcomed the fact that the IFA had a dedicated Project Team that the Department can work with.

There is a lot of work to be done yet and a lot of trust to be built and the onus is on the Minister and Government to demonstrate that the day of false promises are over and direct supports will be provided to farmers with designed lands especially along the Shannon callows”.