I have received confirmation from the HSE that there are 588 people awaiting mainstream Home Support service.

“Further, the Intensive Home Care Packages in excess of 56 hours is also under pressure.

The challenge is that there is a lack of available Health Care Support Assistants and this is putting a strain on the service.

The people who have been assessed and are in need of Home Care Support are left without any service.

The Government need to treat Health Care Support Assistants with the respect they deserve by putting in a pay structure that is attractive and provide opportunities to make Home Care Support work an attractive career choice.

Presently, this is not being done and the chickens are coming home to roost with so many vulnerable people left without a Home Care Services.

The Sláinte Care agenda aspires to keep people living in their home longer instead of having to go into a long care nursing home setting.

Keeping people in their home is a right and saves the state in the long run so Government need to provide the necessary funding to ensure that the Home Care Service can met the demand”.