Investment in PE and computer science in local schools.
Investment in educational facilities to allow schools to teach new leaving cert subjects such as PE and computer science was announced this week.
The Convent of Mercy secondary school in Tuam is one of 40 schools around the country taking part in Phase 1 of the new Leaving Certificate Computer Science subject and Gort Community School is among 64 schools nationwide taking part in the new Physical Education subject from September 2018.
Both schools have been awarded grant aid to support them to implement the new subjects. Convent of Mercy Tuam will receive €3,000 towards the purchase of connector devices, while Gort Community School is to receive a grant of €350 for digital devices used by students to complete course assessments. Each device is used by two students. A payment of €750 will also be made to the school for uploading hardware.
In addition to these grants, there is ongoing professional development for teachers to support the implementation of the new subjects. The professional development programme commenced earlier this year and will continue over the coming two years.’
I congratulate staff in both schools for taking on the challenge presented by these new subjects and wish the students who will begin phase 1 of the programmes in September all the best in their studies.