Ireland’s Rugby World Cup 2023 bid #Ireland2023
As you may be aware, Ireland came together to distil what is best about our country, what exemplifies our spirit, our community, our welcome, into a bid to win the Rugby World Cup 2023. This is probably the biggest sporting tournament we could host as an island – one that will have a profound benefit for our economy and reputation. Over the last four years the government has led an all-Ireland effort – from north to south, east and west, across all sporting codes and all sections of society, from our awe-inspiring stadiums to our local communities – to win the bid.
As the formal bid is submitted by An Taoiseach in London on Monday, the video, ‘Ireland at its Best’ recognises the work, the effort, the immense pride demonstrated by all involved and, win or lose, demonstrate that we have tapped into something uniquely Irish, something that we can develop and foster as we look to the future of our country.
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