The Joint Committee on Disability Matters has opened a public consultation asking Disabled Persons Organisations and Self Advocates to make a submission on the UNCRPD and the reality of human rights for people with disabilities in Ireland, with a specific focus on highlighting solutions, and what is working in local areas.
The Committee are asking Disabled Persons Organisations and Self Advocates to answer key questions in their submission. The Committee will consider any suitable submissions received and may decide to invite contributors to a public hearing.
The Committee also plans on holding a meeting titled ‘the role of Disabled Persons Organisations and Self-advocacy to provide equal opportunities under UNCRPD implementation’ on 8 April 2024.
This event will be held in the Seanad Chamber, both live streamed on Oireachtas website and Oireachtas TV.
“DPOs and Self Advocates had a big part in designing the UNCRPD and have ‘taken their voice’ in this way. They also have a key role in consultation and monitoring of the Convention. It is important that DPOs and Self Advocates tell the Committee what areas they wish to discuss at this meeting.
“The Committee are scheduling this meeting because they have an important role in checking how Ireland is doing in making the UNCRPD a reality for people with disabilities. The UNCRPD asks countries, like Ireland, to ensure that people with disabilities are being treated the same and have access to human rights like everyone else.”
“Our most recent report called on the Government to ratify the UNCRPD by the end of the current Dáil term. We look forward to receiving submissions on this topic.”