Seán Canney, Galway East Independent TD states that The Regional group of 9 TDs will introduced its Private Members Bill – the Civil Liability and Courts (Amendment) Bill 2021 – in the Dáil next Wednesday, 10th March.
“The aim of the Bill is to act as a deterrent to those making false claims by increasing penalties for such offences, imposing legal costs on the plaintiff and having such matters referred to the Director of Public Prosecutions for investigation at the court’s discretion”.
“While the Regional Group accepts there is no one way to tackle this issue, fraudulent claims result in exaggerated claims and increased insurance premiums and the Regional Group believes we must use a suite of measures to address these issues, with this Bill being one such measure”.
“It is a minority of claimants who bring fraudulent claims to court in the hope of receiving significant awards and this Bill will aim to deter individuals from making such claims”.
“Each week An Garda Síochána receive reports of fraudulent insurance claims and there is a perception that fraud and exaggerated claims have been increasing in recent years, however, at present there is no consequence or risk to taking such a claim”
Many insurance policy holders are of the view that this has significantly contributed to a culture where a small percentage of people may be able to make fraudulent claims without any real consequences should they be unsuccessful.
“Significant costs are incurred by individuals and business owners in defending such cases in court and businesses have faced soaring insurance premiums as a result of the actions of fraudsters. Many businesses claim that it is not uncommon for insurers to settle dubious claims too easily”.
“This Bill is not just about insurance claims, it is about the core administration of justice in our society. Insurance fraud does not pay, and this message needs to be evident in our legislation”.
“The Regional Group of TDs continue to work with Government and its opposition colleagues to tackle fraudulent claims which are increasing insurance claims”.
“The Perjury & Offences Bill 2018 is another Bill that the Regional Group continues to support and bring through the Houses of the Oireachtas”.