I have received confirmation from the Minister for Housing and Local Government that his Department have approved the contract for Kilrickle/Kilcooley Group Water Scheme and the contract is to be signed next week.

“I am delighted that the contract is to be signed in the coming days and construction will commence to deliver water to 247 homes in Kilrickle. The project will also include the upgrade of the Kilcooley Water Supply.

After 20 years of false dawns the people of Kilrickle will now have a proper water supply. There will be no more uncertainties.

The water source is Cappataggle Group Water Scheme and I commend the Scheme for their generosity in solving the water source to help their neighbours in getting potable water.

It is also a great achievement for the Committee in Kilrickle who stuck with the plan and kept the pressure on in pursuit of their communities right to have piped water to their homes and farms.

The officials in Galway County Council who guided the project through some very difficult challenges have to take credit for their professional approach on behalf of the community.

I also acknowledge the support of former Minister Eoghan Murphy TD who visited Kilrickle with me and the support of Dara O’Brien TD, the present Minister, giving the project the last push this week.

I wish the contractor the best of luck with the project which will begin shortly and will be completed in the next 9 months”.