I would like to acknowledge a donation of €5000 towards the cost of installing a record of the Tuam Cemetery in digital and soft form.
The project will include a survey of the graves, installing a map at the entrance and putting the map on a website.
This website will be accessible by people worldwide and people living abroad can view their family grave online.
A map will be displayed on a notice board at the Cemetery entrance. Visitors will be able to quickly find the grave they want to visit.
The website can also be utilised by people who are interested in their family tree. The service will also be a major assistance to people who are unable to visit the graveyard due to sickness, mobility, or weather conditions. These people can access the grave on the computer screen and spend time with their departed loved one.
‘I want to thank the anonymous donors for their generous donation which will bring comfort to many people and will make Tuam Cemetery accessible to so many people.
‘I have received confirmation from Galway County Council that they are delighted with the donation and will fully support the project’.