Mobile phone users with reception problems in the home can take action to improve their signal now that the communications regulator Comreg has legalised Mobile Phone Repeaters.
My Department, the Department for Rural and Community Development is working all the time to improve communications across the country but there are actions that people can take for themselves.
Comreg has approved the use of repeaters to boost signals inside the home. These could be poor for many reasons, including insulation and the way in which the home was constructed.
A mobile repeater is an electronic device that uses an external antenna – usually on a roof – in order to amplify the signal inside and improve reception.
My Department is working with local Broadband Officers to identify ways in which we can improve mobile networks but for some properties the internal signal can still be an issue. This is an ideal way to resolve this.
Comreg recommends that professional installers are used for repeaters. All repeaters must comply with Comreg standards and carry the EU and CE quality mark.
Further information on repeaters and suppliers can be found at