New National School Campus for Tuam Town

I am delighted to have received confirmation from Education Minister Joe McHugh TD that his department has agreed to progress plans for a new national school campus for Tuam town.
The feasibility plan for a new building to accommodate the three existing national schools consisting of a 32-classroom facility on a greenfield site had been submitted to the Department some time ago.
The agreed plan follows a series of meetings I had with the Minister and also a meeting was held last week between Department officials and the Tuam Diocese.
The decision also paves the way for an Educate Together National School to be fully developed permanently in the town.
The project will now proceed through the various stages within the Department of Education with a view to bringing it to fruition over the next number of years.
I am delighted at the outcome for Tuam town as this decision brings certainty to the national schools’ education sector in Tuam. This is what has been missing to date and a clear pathway has been set out.
We now have a comprehensive plan to secure the educational needs of Tuam town for the next 40 years.
I want to acknowledge the generosity of the Diocese in providing accommodation for the Educate Together National School free of charge for the last four years.
I also want to acknowledge the Diocese’s positive response to the Minister’s request today to provide additional space to allow for Educate Together to expand in the short term.
St Pat’s National School is also to be given additional space in the former St Pat’s Secondary School on a short term basis.
I want to also acknowledge all the work by staff, parents and boards of management in all the schools in providing top class education at national school level in the town.