I very much welcome progress that has been made in talks between farmers and Meat Industry Ireland aimed at resolving the dispute over beef prices.
The parties agreed to a document that commits to a review of how cattle are graded by factories and the specifications demanded of farmers and producers.
The document will now be reviewed by members of the industry’s representative groups.
The most important development is that all the key stakeholders in the beef industry sat down together to discuss issues for the first time in a long time.
This is very positive and we need to see more of it within the industry.
Agreement was reached on a number of significant issues aimed at improving transparency along the supply chain and improving communication between the industry and farmers.
Beef prices were not on the agenda for discussion at the talks in compliance with competition law.
The Government and the European Commission agreed a €100 million support scheme for beef farmers in May following the collapse of prices in the lead up to Brexit.