I have received confirmation that progress is being made with the proposed new National Schools Building Project for Tuam.

“The Minister for Education has confirmed to me that the building project for the school is being devolved for delivery to Galway & Roscommon Education and Training Board (GRETB).”
“The Minister has also confirmed that the Service Level Agreement (SLA) has been issued to GRETB. The Design Team has been procured and the project will progress through the stages of architectural planning to design the buildings, obtain the necessary statutory planning permissions, and move the project onward to tender and construction in due course”.
The project will provide for the development of two schools consisting of a 41-classroom primary school including 5-classroom SEN for Trinity National School and an Educate Together 8-classroom primary school with 2-classbase SEN. Both projects will be delivered on separate sites.
“I believe that it is imperative that the projects continue to progress to ensure modern educational facilities are available to all national school children in Tuam. I am also acutely aware of the need for proper traffic management for Tuam especially at school drop off and pick up times.
I also firmly believe that the inner relief road for the town needs to be advanced in tandem with the school projects to ensure ease of traffic movement around the town.
Galway County Council officials have confirmed that this project is now a priority for the Council, and they recognise the importance of the inner relief road for the future development of Tuam.”