I along with my colleagues in the Regional Group of TDs have today published a motion expressing severe concerns regarding the ongoing challenges faced by An Garda Síochána. The motion calls for an immediate review of the current Garda Síochána force with the engagement of all stakeholders, to be chaired by An Taoiseach and make recommendations within 12 weeks.

The Regional Group have sought this urgent intervention because An Garda SÍochána’s dedication, professionalism, and commitment to serving the community are vital in creating a safe and secure environment for all and deterring criminal activities.

This review needs to immediately address declining morale within the force and the issues around retention, the mandatory retirement age of 60 years, recruitment, transfers, rostering, entry-level pay, and the need to improve work practices.

Noting that members of the Garda Representative Association overwhelmingly voted no confidence in the force’s most senior officer, the Garda Commissioner, another concern the Regional Group of TDs is the chronic shortage of resources, technology, confidence in leadership and personnel issues within An Garda Síochána. This shortage directly impacts the force’s ability to carry out its role.

“The Regional Group state that we must address the increasing assaults on Gardaí while on duty. We should get tougher on such crimes and create new legislation to act as a deterrent with mandatory custodial sentences for the criminal action of purposefully causing injury to a Garda”.In their motion, the Regional Group TDs note the role of community policing in building solid relationships, fostering cooperation, and proactively addressing local concerns. We must ensure a baseline per capita Garda figure in each county to ensure that certain areas in the State are not under-policed.

The full Regional Group Motion is available here: https://dailbusiness.oir.ie/motions/1177?lang=en