I raised the issue of the proposed Residential Zoned Land Tax (RZLT) in the Dáil today.
“I questioned the Taoiseach on the validity of imposing a land zoned tax on functional farms and land zoned as phase 2 development lands.
I received clarification from the Taoiseach who confirmed that the Government will have to amend the Finance Act to ensure farm families do not become victims and that they are exempt from the land tax.
The Taoiseach also admitted that the proposal had unintended consequences for functional farmers, and this had to be rectified. I welcome the clarity from the Taoiseach which will bring relief to many farmers.
Farmers who have a functional farm, or landowners whose land is zoned as phase2 development land should not be liable to the tax. The Government will now take my concerns and that of many farmers into account and ensure that this proposed wrong is put right.
The tax is targeted at developers who are hoarding land for profit and farmers do not hoard land”, concluded Deputy Canney.