I encourage all residential and commercial property owners to apply for the Streetscape Enhancement Pilot Grant Scheme for Athenry.

The Scheme is put in place to support property owners in providing quality improvement works to shop fronts and overhead facades in the town.

Successful applications will be awarded 50% of the cost of qualifying improvement works, up to the maximum value of €4,000 per building. Priority will be given to full façade applications, shop fronts, overhead façade and application for all street basis (5 or more adjacent buildings in one street).

The grant can be used towards the cost of painting and improving facades along the street which may include paint, Labour, scaffold and other materials for replacement of existing plastic neon and printed signs. The improvement of existing window displays, installation of awnings and the purchase of street furniture may also be considered within the town boundaries.

‘I have worked with Cllr. Gabe Cronnelly in bringing this scheme forward’

‘This scheme will help regenerate Athenry and make the town centre an attractive place to shop, work and live in’.

Applications can be made through Galway County Council.