I have received confirmation that the SUSI grant application for academic year 2023/24 is now open for applications.

There are important changes to the Student Grant Scheme announced in Budget 2023 which include an increase in income limit from €55,240 to €62,000 for the 50% student contribution grant. and new student contribution grant of €500 for incomes between €62,000 and €100,000.
Increase in the postgraduate fee contribution grant by €500 from €3,500 to €4,000.
Eligibility for second chance mature students to be reduced from five to three years. Exclusion of rental income earned under Rent-a Room Relief Scheme from reckonable income. Increase in the amount of Holiday Earnings which may be deducted from the total household income from €4,500 to €6,552.

Key dates for SUSI applicants in 2023 are: Priority closing date for renewal applications is the 8th June 2023 and Priority closing date for new applications is the 6th July 2023

“It is important the applications are submitted on time to avoid late decisions as going to college can be stressful and expensive so please ensure applications are submitted prior to the closing dates”.