The closing of the lay-bys on motorways by TII flies in the face of their own advice not to drive if you are tired.

I have criticized TII for their decision to close the laybys on the motorways to cars despite their advice to drivers not to drive if tired. It makes no sense and I see daily the number of cars that use the layby to break their journey.

“I have been in contact with TII, and they have confirmed that they intend to close all Lay-bys to cars and vans and let trucks use them only.

Tiredness kills but someone in an office somewhere has decided that the everyday drivers should not pull into a lay-by for a rest in the future.

I am on the motorway most weeks and I see plenty of use of lay-bys by cars, vans, and trucks. What happens if you want to pull in because of bad weather, tiredness or you need to stretch your legs.

I see major signs on the roadways advising drivers of the danger of tiredness and advising them to take a break”.