I am disappointment with the content of the Town Centre First Policy.

“There is nothing new in the policy as the funding streams are already in existence. There is no incentive within the policy to support first time buyers to purchase vacant properties and turn them into living spaces”.

“Rural Regeneration and Development Fund (RRDF), the Urban Regeneration and Development Fund (URDF), and the Town and Village Renewal Scheme are all in place for the last number of years”.

“The Crói Conaithe (Town) Fund is not yet in place and will not be in place until later this year”.

The lack of Wastewater Treatment Plants in our towns and villages is a glaring obstacle in the regeneration of our towns and villages.

“Typically, in Galway East, Craughwell, Corofin, Lackagh and Abbeyknockmoy are examples of growth centres that are left to stagnate due to the absence of Wastewater Treatment facilities”.

“The concept of the Town Centre First Policy is good, but the lack of immediate new funding is very disappointing and offers nothing to young people to make their homes in town centres”.