Galway County Council need to prioritise the development of the Inner Relief Road for Tuam town.
Tuam is developing since the opening of the Tuam By-Pass and has experienced growth over the last number of years.
The Health Campus represents a €50 million investment in healthcare facilities bringing more traffic movements into the town. There has been private investment in the retail sectors in Tuam.
“We will also see a transformation in educational facilities in Tuam over the next few years with a new 32 Classroom National School together with developments on our amalgamated secondary schools and a planned phase 2 of Archbishop McHale College.
We need to open access to the town to allow for ease of access to facilitate all these positive facilities which are in the town centre.
With all the future developments, it is important that we have land available for housing and industrial development and the proposed inner relief road is the enabler to achieve the full potential for Tuam.
I have raised the issue of the funding of the inner relief road linking Bishop Street onto the Dublin Road, Athenry Road and out onto the Galway Road with the Minister for Transport in the Dáil.
Following on from the adaptation of the Tuam Local Area Plan I again call on the Council to seek the necessary funding to get this road underway.
At that stage Galway County Council had not made any application for funding but I understand that the Council are now to prioritise this project for Tuam.
The construction of this road will also facilitate walking and cycling routes to further enhance active travel in the town”.