Deputy Seán Canney has stated that as the Tuam By-Pass and motorway is opening on September 27th, it is vital that businesses in Tuam unite to realise the potential business opportunities that will be available.
‘I have had discussions with Galway County Council re questions that the approach road from Tuam along the Galway Road to the Milltown Road be resurfaced. This road will now serve a different purpose as it will be the access route to do business and visit Tuam. The road needs to be enhanced to include pedestrian crossings, cycle lanes and footpaths in order to create a safe, inviting and friendly entrance to the town.
‘The lack of a Chamber of Commerce is worrying as we need to have Tuam promoted as a town that has shopping, restaurants, hotels and leisure facilities. I am calling on the business people to re-form the Chamber like all other towns along the motorway. Tuam is the largest town in the county outside of Galway City. We need to promote all that is good in Tuam.
‘The motorway and Tuam By-Pass are game changers in Tuam’s progression but we need to grasp the opportunity,’ concluded Deputy Canney.