Welcome commitment by the Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage to review the grant limits and income threshold application for Housing Adaptation Grants and Housing Aid for Old People Grant
I have received confirmation that the grant limits and income threshold limits for Housing Adaptation and Housing Aid for Older People Grant Schemes are to be reviewed upwardly.
“I raised the issue in a Parliamentary Question to the Minister in the context of the unprecedented increase in the cost of building materials.
The support schemes help older people to replace defective windows, doors, roof, wiring and heating. They also assist people with mobility issues to adapt their home to make them more accessible. The grant scheme can also be used to convert an existing bathroom to a wet room”.
“The grants are a very valuable support to people, and I welcome the review which the Minister is carrying out as the level of support needs to take the increase in prices of materials into account”.
“The schemes are administered by the Housing Department in Galway County Council and I want to thank the council staff for their great work in administering the Scheme”.