I welcome the launch by some Credit Unions around the country, including St. Jarlath’s Credit Union Tuam of an initiative to provide loans to people who want to carry out improvements to their homes to improve their heat loss and make their homes warmer.
“I congratulate St. Jarlath’s Credit Union in recognising the importance of improving insulation in homes in an effort to reduce energy usage and cost in homes and help reduce carbon emissions at the same time”
“I also believe we need to offer good advice through the scheme to ensure that works that are carried out are effective”.
“It is also vital that local BER assessors, architects and engineers and contractors are involved to ensure that the works are creating additional jobs locally”.
The SEAI grants that are available are very important and SEAI need to up their game to ensure delivery in an efficient way and the local Credit Unions can work in communities to meet the demand.
“I believe the Credit Union movement which is community based is well equipped and ideally located to deliver access to advice as well as providing loans to homeowners”.