I welcome the decision by the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) to install 2 Two Solar Eco Powered Cabinets complete with defibrillators and cardiac medicine on Knockma.
“I thank the NPWS for their prompt response. The EPC is the very first of its kind globally and will not require any electricity and will be available on the hill, which is very popular with walkers and runners”.
The cabinet holds Emergency Medication such as cardiac medication and a Defibrillator with instant access in case of emergency.
The units are being fitted by Darren Ford Hollymount of ECO Powered Cabinets who has also installed equipment on Croagh Patrick and Diamond Hill. His equipment is also being shipped across the world to Australia.
The lifesaving equipment is ECO powered and is essential in areas where outdoor exercise is taking place and where there is no electricity available.